How it Began

Prior to 2012 Ventura Wildlife had raised thousands of pounds for conservation through it’s various events and wildlife experience opportunities. As a result Ventura Wildlife had been able to support both in-situ (in the natural wild habitat) and ex-situ (out side of the natural habitat) conservation projects including those supporting the parrot species of South America & Indonesia, European carnivores, African vultures as well as various big cat and ape species.

Due to the successes of their fund raising efforts it was decided in late 2011 that a separate conservation fund should be established to concentrate solely on conservation based issues. In early 2012 the Ventura Wildlife Conservation Fund was born to fulfil this role and is now run by a number of volunteers and is supported by the Ventura Wildlife team who all strive to make an active difference.

We are currently pending small charity status to allow us to further increase our fund raising ability.

As with all lemurs this species comes from the island of Madagascar. The mongoose lemur has of limited range and is now restricted to just a few scattered patches of dry forest to the west of the island.


Despite the scale of the problem facing the black-cheeked lovebird and it being listed as vulnerable (IUCN, 2012) due to continual decline there are currently no meaningful conservation activities being undertaken to address this issue.


How Do I Support?

As a charitable fund we need all the help we can get to achieve our conservation goals around the world and to raise vital funds. There are many ways you can show your support and become involved in the work of the Ventura Wildlife Conservation Fund, here are just a few examples:

- Become a fund raiser by running your own special fund raising events.

- Make a donation to the Ventura Wildlife Conservation Fund. Every single penny we receive goes directly towards real life conservation projects.

- Recycle your old or unwanted printer cartridges, mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, PDA’s, and Sat Navs through our recycle for conservation scheme. You can also become a recycle bag stockist. Click here to find out more.

- Visit us at Ventura Wildlife’s Animal Encounters (public events).

- Join us as a voluntary intern to help on conservation projects (ideal for higher education students).