Our Mission

• To educate people of all ages about our planets wildlife.

• To offer the very best wildlife events and animal encounters.

• To become the leading provider of animal experiences and animal days out.

• To offer class leading wildlife travel opportunities in the UK and across the globe.

• To provide a high quality zoo consultancy service to some of the worlds leading animal collections.

• To inspire people to make an active difference to the natural world where ever possible.

• To establish a European conservation centre for endangered species.

Our Vision

Fauna: Continue to develop our animal collection to the highest standards and to become involved in an even greater number of conservation projects.

Exploration: Bringing to the world a portfolio of destinations and attractions allowing travellers to experience wildlife like never before.

Quality: Delivering consistently high quality.

Partners: Maintaining and developing our ever increasing network of partners, associates and suppliers.

Planet: Being a responsible and sustainable organisation, striving for ever cleaner and greener practices in all that we do.

People: Being an organisation where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Our Values

Conservation / Education / Sustainability / Integrity / Collaboration / Quality / Innovation / Leadership