Ventura Wildlife’s Zoological Services offer a wide variety of zoo consultancy based services and solutions to meet the needs of zoological gardens, aquariums and private animal collections around the world. No matter what your requirements may be the Ventura Wildlife’s Zoological Services team can provide zoo consultancy that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations, whilst delivering the services and solutions you require.

Here are just some of our most popular areas we can assist with:


Business Development

  • Overall management strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Industry research
  • Public relations
  • Website development/Social networking
  • Tender applications
  • Environmental strategies and practices working towards ISO1400

Visitor Experience

  • Customer service
  • Information signage
  • Visitor interaction ideas
  • Entertainment and events ideas/solutions/delivery
  • Zoo building design
  • Retail advice
  • Specialist flooring
  • Visitor accommodation solutions

Conservation & Environment

  • Management of conservation breeding programmes
  • Assistance in establishing links with local or international conservation projects
  • Assistance in establishing collaborative research programmes with colleges and universities
  • Plan overseas travel to conservation destinations
  • Responsible waste disposal
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and energy wastage

Animal Management

  • Enclosure design and developments
  • Collection planning
  • Record keeping advice
  • Article 10/Article 60 applications
  • Assistance with DWA or Zoo Licence applications
  • Animal acquisitions and relocations
  • Animal husbandry
  • Enrichment solutions
  • Animal acquisitions and relocations

Display & Presentation

  • Exhibition and theatre design
  • Script writing and show production
  • Sound and lighting
  • Animal training

Staff Development

  • Uniform
  • Internships/Temporary staff
  • Staff training: workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Staff rewards

Business Development

  • Security advice and crime prevention
  • First Aid Training
  • Firearms Training


  • Educational signage
  • Educational teaching packs inline with the national curriculum
  • Outreach programmes
  • Developing a conservation message